Who am I?
I'm the principal of the best little graphic design house in Pennsylvania, that's who.

My services are broad and my talents are endless.
LQ Design creates everything from print to click — identities and branding, packaging and editorial, annual reports and marketing campaigns, websites and brochures. With a clever combination of broad thinking and creative execution, I encourage audiences to read, listen, think, experience, laugh and talk about your design efforts.
Since 2004, I've been working with non-profits, professional and trade organizations, the Arts, animal groups, educational systems and universities, brides and medical companies, just to start.

What can LQ Design do for you?
More like what can't I do.
Logos. Branding. Invitation and Event Design. Brochures. Websites. Signage and Environmental Design. Posters, Publications, and Packaging. Apparel Graphics. Advertising and Editorial Illustrations. 
You name it, I can do it.

And that's who I am.
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