Who am I?
I'm the principal of the best little graphic design house in Pennsylvania, that's who.
But first, I believe in sharing time and talent, and giving back to my community.
I volunteer for my kids' school, Saint Andrew School. I also sit on their Board of Education as the Lifetime Member position.
I volunteer for my pottery guild, the Nicodemus Center for Ceramic Studies. I also sit on their Board of Directors.
I volunteer for the Waynesboro Historical Society. I also sit on their Board of Directors.
I volunteer for my town's art initiative, the Art Alliance of Greater Waynesboro/Destination ARTS!
My services are broad and my talents are endless.
LQ Design creates everything from print to click — identities and branding, packaging and editorial, annual reports and marketing campaigns, websites and brochures. With a clever combination of broad thinking and creative execution, I encourage audiences to read, listen, think, experience, laugh and talk about your design efforts.
Since 2004, I've been working with non-profits, professional and trade organizations, the Arts, animal groups, educational systems and universities, brides and medical companies, just to start.
What can LQ Design do for you?
More like what can't I do.
Logos. Branding. Invitation and Event Design. Brochures. Websites. Signage and Environmental Design. Posters, Publications, and Packaging. Apparel Graphics. Advertising and Editorial Illustrations. 
You name it, I can do it.
And that's who I am.
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